Kenya Ruthaka


Kenya Ruthaka


Region: Nyeri
Growing Altitude: 1,700 - 1,800 meters
Arabica Variety: Arabica SL 34, ruiru 11, SL 28
Milling Process: Washed and sun dried on raised beds
Notes: Apricot, Peach, Herby

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Ruarai is a Kikuyu name meaning “place of rocks,” which refers to the very rock-filled Ruarai River that flows along the coffee factory (mill), after which the factory is named. The factory is also near a popular open-air market called, Gakindu, that sells livestock and produce.

The Ruthaka Farmers’ Cooperative Society is approximately 600 members strong and collectively harvests approximately 280 tons of coffee cherry per year.

Coffee trees in this area— at the foot of Mt. Kenya, with its rich, red volcanic soil—flower between February and March and harvesting occurs between October and December. Temperatures here range from 55°–77° F and the area receives around 55 inches of rain each year.