Costa Rica Natural


Costa Rica Natural


Region: Carrillos Altos de Poas, Alajuela
Growing Altitude: 1,200 - 1,300 meters
Arabica Variety: Caturra
Milling Process: Natural
Notes: Red Cherry, Oak, Plum, Florals

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Sonora's Venecia Natural was developed through natural selection in the area of Venecia de San Carlos, Costa Rica. The plant looks like a dwarf Caturra and takes a very long time to ripen, which helps create a very high Brix content. It's also known for its rich acidity.

This coffee is sun dried for 14-to-18 days and covered with black plastic every day around 3 p.m., when the warm afternoons begin to transition into cold nights. When it's between 18-to-20 percent moisture, the coffee is stored for 6 days and then brought back out. (This is one of Sonora's special tricks for enhancing cup quality and uniformity). At the very end of the drying process, the coffee is put in a drum dryer for about three hours to create even better uniformity in the cup. The mass temperature never exceeds 37.5° C (99.5 °F).