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Saturday Night Nerdy Trivia! - Episode XIV

  • Brew Coffee Spot 6101 Lake Murray Boulevard La Mesa, CA, 91942 United States (map)

Welcome to Ultimate Nerd Trivia XIV, where your skills will be put to the test as you embark on a journey through the multiverse! Meditate on the Force and be prepared to summon patronuses against other teams competing for treasure worthy of Captain Jack Sparrow. Nerdy costumes and witty team names will earn your team valuable bonus experience points, which could give you the edge you need to best the previous champions. A simple levy of six gold doubloons ($6) will grant one able body entry and a goblet of glorious refreshment (registration is $6 per person to play; this includes 1 drink up to $5). May the odds be ever in your favor.

Every purchase you make at Brew Coffee Spot helps them continue providing a space for this wonderful event. Thank you for your continued support.


-Harry Potter
-Star Wars
-Lord of the Rings
-Game of Thrones
-Various Video Games


Each category will have three questions of varying difficulty.

Challenging questions earn more XP (experience points) if answered correctly, with many questions having bonus XP available. Max team size is 10, and smaller teams (only 1, 2, or 3 members) will receive a small XP bonus at the end to incentivize everyone to play. Each team will receive a sheet of paper to document their XP, answers, notes, and doodles.

Trivia will commence at 6pm, so gather your team ahead of time to get situated with your delicious latte or pastry.

Each team will have slips of paper they will use to submit both their answers BUT ALSO THEIR TEAM NAME. If an answer is submitted with no name, then I have no way of awarding that team XP.


If your team answers every question in a round correctly, you've landed a critical hit and will earn extra XP.


At the very end, each team can wager up to half of their current points to either gain if they guess correctly, or lose if they fail the final question. The final question will a challenging question from a random category.


Awarded to the team with the most XP, though particularly awesome costumes might earn a prize. The more people donate to the event, the better prizes will be. Prizes may include:

-Brew Coffee Spot Gift card
-T shirts
-Nerd swag
-Dope memez
-Eternal glory in Valhalla


Really, let's keep this a fun and fair night. If tempted to look an answer up, ask yourself what Samwise Gamgee would do...


-Themed/nerdy costumes, attire, or tattoos
-Team size ≤ 3
-Best team name

TL:DR Themed costumes and witty team names give you bonus points. Any donations go towards prizes/other expenses and are greatly appreciated :D Please contact Jonah at




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